Model : H-460SA

Capacity●460 mm
■460 x 460 mm
Min Cutting Capacity□W15 x H15 mm
○115 mm
Blade Speed( inverter ) 20~100 M/min
Blade SizeL5450 x W41 x T1.3 mm
MotorBlade Drive5.5 KW 7.5 HP
Hydraulic Pump1.5 KW 2 HP
Coolant Pump0.2 KW 1/4 HP
Hydraulic Lift Up Roller With Power Feeding Table--
Hydraulic Lift Up Roller--
Hydraulic Carbide Fixture--
Hydraulic Oil Capacity70 L
Cutting Oil Capacity110 L
Table Height800 mm
Net Weight2150 kgs
Floor SpaceL1300 x W2850 x H2050 mm
We reserve the right to modify the specification and design of machine without prior notice.

Hydraulic Tension Device Of Saw Blade
Control Panel
Check Device Of Saw Blade Breaking
Hydraulic lift up roller
Projector for marking
Control rod of height
Split Vise
Hydraulic Guiding Device Of Saw Blade
Distribution Cabinet
Optional Accessories:
Automatic Chipping Cleaning Device
2M Roller Table
Hydraulic Lift Up Roller With Power Feeding Table