Model : C-75A

Capacity●10 - 75 mm
■10 - 60 mm
Length Of Cutting Rest28 + cutting length
Feeding Length Per Time700 mm
Blade SizeØ285 mm x 32 mm x 2.0 mm
Rotation Speed50 - 190 RPM
Blade Drive Motor7.5 KW 10HP 4P
Hydraulic Pump Motor2.2 KW 3HP
CuttingServo motor 1.2 KW
FeedServo motor 0.75 KW
Driving Pressure50 kg/cm2(5Mpa)
Operating Pressure4 - 6 kg/cm2
DimensionL1770 x W2920 x H1800 mm
Machine+RackL6350 x W2920 x H1800 mm
Net Weight3750 kgs

We reserve the right to modify the specification and design of machine without prior notice.

Fully automatic chain plate chip cleaner
-20° air compressed oil mist
Full stroke hydraulic clamp
Swing guide
Linear slide
Magnetic powder brake
15HP circular saw drive motor
3HP oil pump motor
AC servo motor + ball screw
Air pressure solenoid valve
Steel brush
Pulley set