Model : C-160A


45° perfect diagonal feed, anti-collision mechanism.

The gear box is precisely adjusted and designed, and the transmission force is strong without gaps, and it can perform efficient and precise sawing.

Servo fixed-inch feeding system, combined with swing bed base, realizes precise feeding without interference.

The man-machine control panel is simple and convenient to set and operate.

Hydraulic power steel brush device can effectively remove iron filings and increase cutting efficiency.

-20° air compressed oil mist to cool and lubricate the circular saw blade to extend the life of the saw blade.

Material outer diameter automatic detection device to prevent collision and interference of saw cutting.

The down-pressing device makes the knife feed stable and sawing quickly and accurately without changing the material.

Automatic lubrication and oil supply device.

Adopt linear slide rail design.

Automatically swing the material guide device, the workpiece and the residual material are automatically separated and placed.

The automatic storage rack can reduce the impact damage and reduce the noise. The material is clamped and sent stably, which effectively saves manpower and time.

Fully automatic chain plate type chip cleaning machine, chip removal is smooth and efficient.
Capacity ●60 - 160 mm
■60 - 115 mm
Length Of Cutting Rest 40 + cutting length
Feeding Length Per Time 700 mm
Blade Size Ø480 mm x 50 mm x 2.7 mm
Rotation Speed 50 - 150 RPM
Blade Drive Motor 20HP 6P
Hydraulic Pump Motor 2.2 KW 3HP
Cutting Servo motor 3.5 KW
Feed Servo motor 1.2 KW
Driving Pressure 60 kg/cm2(5Mpa)
Operating Pressure 4 - 6 kg/cm2
Dimension L2000 x W3350 x H1950 mm
Machine+Rack L6500 x W3350 x H1950 mm
Net Weight 4800 kgs
We reserve the right to modify the specification and design of machine without prior notice.

Fully automatic chain plate chip cleaner

-20° air compressed oil mist

Full stroke hydraulic clamp

Swing guide

Linear slide

Magnetic powder brake

20HP-6P circular saw drive motor

3HP oil pump motor

AC servo motor + ball screw

Air pressure solenoid valve

Steel brush

Pulley set

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