Model : C-110A


The automatic high-speed circular saw machine is suitable for high-speed cutting of materials with high hardness.
The cutting tools are mainly circular saws, using precision ball screws and high-precision linear slides.
With AC servo motor and excellent gear box to drive circular saw blade cutting, the accuracy and stability of circular saw can be achieved.

The appearance adopts full-cover type, beautiful and generous, and simple and intuitive operation design of man-machine,
Achieve the simple operation and cutting, stable, fast and safe of the fully automatic circular sawing machine,
When working, the cutting can be set to the cutting size, cutting quantity and size, so that users can cut multiple pieces of material for various needs.
Moreover, the teeth of the circular saw blade depend on the thickness and material of the material to be cut, and there are different combinations of large and small teeth.
The cutting materials are mainly made of iron round materials, square materials, pipe materials and profiles.

The loading, unloading and feeding systems are all operated by man-machines, which are transmitted to the PLC to send commands to the Sensor to automatically judge and distinguish the material seeking and the classification of the material end and the material end.
And with the function of automatic measurement and setting of cutting quantity, users can easily control it.
Capacity ●20 - 110 mm
■20 - 80 mm
Length Of Cutting Rest 35 + cutting length
Feeding Length Per Time 700 mm
Blade Size Ø380 mm x 40 mm x 2.6 mm
Rotation Speed 30 - 180 RPM
Blade Drive Motor 11 KW 15HP 4P
Hydraulic Pump Motor 2.2 KW 3HP
Cutting Servo motor 3 KW
Feed Servo motor 1.2 KW
Driving Pressure 50 kg/cm2(5Mpa)
Operating Pressure 4 - 6 kg/cm2
Dimension L2000 x W3350 x H1950 mm
Machine+Rack L6500 x W3350 x H1950 mm
Net Weight 4700 kgs
We reserve the right to modify the specification and design of machine without prior notice.
Fully automatic chain plate chip cleaner

-20° air compressed oil mist

Full stroke hydraulic clamp

Swing guide

Linear slide

Magnetic powder brake

15HP circular saw drive motor

3HP oil pump motor

AC servo motor + ball screw

Air pressure solenoid valve

Steel brush

Pulley set

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