Actual Power is founded at the year of 2006. We are the professional manufacturer of band saws machine in Taiwan. Our founder has served in the line over two decades. We promote the product worldwide with the plenty experience of R&D and outstanding manufacturing capability.

We value the first impression of the customers gained from the color, so we choose the standard color below to express the innovating spirit separately of  Actual Power .

Red ..... energy and positivity
Black ..... stability and persistency
Silver Gray ..... elegance and sense of beauty

The target of our positive & enthusiastic team work is to design more stable, friendly operation band saws to obtain the reliability from the customers. Now we have developed the full serial models of semi-automatic and fully automatic.
We also offer the customization of vertical saws according to the special requirement.

As our company name Actual Power shows confidently, we make the progress step by step with our actual power in this line. If you want to purchase the reputable and durable automatic band saw, Actual Power is your best choice.